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  1. Intake without rejetting

    Monkey Talk
    Anyone know of an intake that doesn’t require rejetting for the Honda monkey, not looking for power just want to remove the massive airbox for a cleaner look
  2. Intake pop and it died !

    Grom Talk
    Went for a ride about 25-30 mile ride. bike felt normal. strong. I have mid length intake. Low mount anodized exhaust the amazon one. And a flashed ecu. Got to my destination, had about a 20 min break. Got back on the grom . Took off but at my first stop The intake popped and the bike shut...
  3. Grom mods and ECU and Tunining HELP!!!

    Grom Builds
    So i have a 2018 grom and all im doing is a air intake and exhaust nothing else. I hear alot of people saying it will run lean(makes sense). Some say its fine ,some say its not and requires tuning etc.... what does everyone recommend?? Ive search and search but cant seem to fine a direct...
  4. WTB Dinger, MNNTHBX, or ixil exhaust and Intake

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a low mount exhaust for my 2017 Grom. Love the looks of Dinger, MNNTHBX, and the ixil exhausts (and want it to be loud). Also looking for any brand after market intake. Please let me know. To reach me quicker please text (920)606-3914. Thank you!!!
  5. fuel controller advice

    Grom Talk
    Ive been researching the forum for weeks and have not found a comfortable solution to my problem. I would like to max out the potential with the stock bore. I already have a Two brothers exhaust, and chimera intake. In the near future I will be adding a Yoshimura performance cam and Finbro 125...
  6. Running a Chimera or pod filter? I have a question about the noise.

    Grom Performance
    I've read plenty of people saying a pod-style air intake is much louder than the stock airbox but I still have some questions. 1. How much louder is it than an aftermarket exhaust? I know some pipes are louder than others and I have no idea what the actual db values may be but let's just...