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idle problem

  1. Low Idle RPM - Bone Stock, High Elevation

    Grom Performance
    Hello, I've seen a few posts about grom owners having issues with high idles, but I've been having issues with a low idle. It came from the dealer with an idle right around 1,200 rpms, and adjusting the air-idle screw out 2.5 turns had no effect on idle speed. Just for the sake of...
  2. High Idle Problem

    Grom Talk
    What up ya'll, I have the 2014 Honda grom with 1300m give or take with a hotlap exhaust and new TRS Transformer handle bars. After changing the handle bars, I started to notice that when I have my grom in 1st gear, and I give it a little gas, the rpms will shoot to 3k and will stay there until...