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  1. Introductions
    I’ve been using this forum for over a year and finally decided to sign up. 2022 Grom, stretched, bagged, dhm stage 3, lots of other stuff that maybe one day I’ll make a build thread. Feel free to ask questions!
  2. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I have some aftermarket cnc brake levers I bought from steady garage a while back. Had them on for 2 years. Clutch lever has a scratch(see photos). Asking for $15 shipped. Payment via Paypal.
  3. Grom Talk
    I'm about to purchase some stainless steel brake lines, but was wondering if I could just reuse the stock banjo fitting and banjo bolts? I'd just like some input or if anyone has done it this way.
  4. Grom Wheels & Tires
    For those of you riding on Michelin tires. What kind of tire life have you gotten out of them from normal everyday commuting? I'm currently riding on Dunlop TT93s at 26psi for commuting. I would estimate that I rode the dunlops about 1k-2k miles and the rear tire is already nearing the tire...
  5. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Wanted to see if anyone is selling their Finbro ECM. I can send $ through Paypal. Venmo.
  6. Grom For Sale / Wanted
    My friend had the chance to buy a grom back in 2014, but he waited, and now he regrets not getting one after riding mine this past week hahaha. Anyway, he's looking for a partially stock grom, black or white in color, and less than 1k miles. Thanks!!
  7. Grom For Sale / Wanted
    I have my 2014 Honda Grom for sale, about 3,500 miles on it. Selling for $3600 OBO. I am located in Charlotte NC. Have Customer LED tail light, bar end mirrors, Brocks Performance Full exhaust system, Power Commander tuned by Brocks, Chimera Intake, K&N air filter, gold shorty levers, fender...
  8. Grom For Sale / Wanted
    Title says it all, I'm selling my grom in McAllen Texas, Boughted in Brownsville Tx last year. Title in Hand. Both keys, owner manual included. Garage stored. Just like new. Call me or Text me if interested @ (956)227-4989 Virgil Guajardo
  9. Grom Talk
    The title says it all! We cant wait till this bike comes out any longer. You guys did such an amazing job on this bike. We are loosing countless hours of sleep. Most if not all, already put deposits down. Started buying parts. Our significant others are getting upset because we are always...
1-9 of 9 Results