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  1. For Sale 2019 Honda Grom Central NJ

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    2019 Honda Grom. Under 1,000 miles. Fender eliminator with LED rear turn signals. Zoom twin loop exhaust. Stealth black mirrors. This was my first bike to learn and get comfortable riding before moving on to something bigger. Bike is like new and only ridden for one season. Never dropped. Price...
  2. Look at this guys rear grom sprocket lmao

    Grom Talk
    I saw this on reddit: Look at this shit! lmao
  3. Honda Super Cub New vs Old on Jay Leno's Garage

    Grom Pictures/Videos
    I love watching Jay Leno's Garage. Jay is the ultimate car and motorcycle guy. I was happy to see this Honda Super Cub video!
  4. Maryland Area Grom For Sale - $2000

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    Renthal Bars, Adjustable Levers, Ixil Exhaust, Bar End Mirror, Tidy Tail, Low Profile Blinkers. Garage kept on Battery Tinder and mostly rode by the wife around the neighborhood to keep fresh on her MSF skills. Model: 2014 Honda Grom (125cc) Color: Red (Green Vinyl Wrap) Mileage:1350 Miles...
  5. Wanting to Buy A Grom

    Grom Talk
    Hey guys, brand new to the forum. I have seen alot of youtube videos and stuff about Honda Groms and the second I first saw one I knew I wanted one. I just turned 16 and got my license not a motorcycle license which I am pretty sure I need. I want to buy a grom but I do not know anything about...
  6. BUYING a Honda Grom!

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    Hello. I'm looking for a Honda Grom in California (preferably near Santa Barbara) and I have $2000 (which will be paid in cash). Thanks
  7. A bit late to the party...

    ...but better late than never, right? I'm trading in my CB125F and picking up my MSX125 at the end of the month. Big pluses for me are the size, (easier to fit in my kitchen!) and the wide range of readily available parts for customisation. It was such a pain trying to find stuff for the...
  8. White Fairings?

    Grom Talk
    Unfortunately, I need to replace my plastics due to a crash.. but honestly not trying to spend $200 for a entire set. So I am testing my luck here! Anybody have left side plastics in pearl white for a 2017 Grom laying around?
  9. Bikerzbits Christmas & New Year's Sale 10-20 Percent Off!!!

    Bikerzbits Christmas & New Year's Sale 10-20 Percent Off!!! 25% off on all Honda and Yamaha genuine spare parts! 15% off on all BIKERZ cnc machined accessories! 10% off on all other items! BikerzBits Honda Grom 125 Parts and Accesories BikerzBits Honda Grom 125SF (2016) Parts and...
  10. Salton Sea T.T. X-Treme Endurance Road Race

    Grom Events
    COME RACE WITH US! Motor-Scooter International is an x-treme endurance road racing organization for small wheel scooters and motorcycles. MSILSF strongly recommends racing leathers, boots, gloves and a full-coverage Snell approved helmet. But this definitely looks like long-sleeve...
  11. 2015 Honda Grom FOR SALE, lots of extras

    Honda MSX125 UK
    Hi guys, I am selling my 2015 Honda MSX125/Grom. It's a great bike with a few extras fitted (exhaust, ProTaper bars etc) I've posted the link to the gumtree ad below, let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks...
  12. Jonesn - My Dyno Information Thread (Lots of Graphs)

    Grom Performance
    My name is Cameron Jones and I'm out of Columbia Missouri. Last fall I acquired a Dynojet 200 from another dealer (2019 upgraded to 250i). I have since done quite a few different variations with the groms and because there isn't a ton of dyno information out there I'd like to share mine. Quick...
  13. Slipper Clutch for Grom?

    Grom Performance
    When I downshift, I usually don't feel the rear wheel tug that much unless I bring to 1st gear. For those of you who have slipper clutches on your grom. Would you say its worth it or just a waste of money?
  14. Honda Grom 2017- wiring diagram

    Grom Talk
    Hi, Has anyone managed to get hold of a 2017+ wiring diagram for the new Grom? Many thanks
  15. Changing stock tyres to better ones

    Grom Wheels & Tires
    Wanting to change my stock tyres. I live in BKK and most of the roads here are "not perfect" if I'm being gentle. I want better tyres that are not as slippery as the stock ones and have good grip as I ride to work everyday (around 30 k). wanted to see what do you guys recommend as a good...
  16. Honda grom, totaled

    Grom Talk
    Michael Heater, 25, critically injured in motorcycle crash with driver Heather Fay, 32, at Christiana Road and Old Baltimore Pike in Christiana, Delaware | Accident Data Center
  17. What's the best oil for a Honda MSX-125 / Grom? And what oil do you use?

    Grom Talk
    I recently bought an MSX125 with 800 miles on it. I checked the oil and noticed it was pretty low. As a quick fix I topped her up with some genuine Honda 10w30 oil I use for servicing lawn and power equipment, which is less than ideal and needs putting right a.s.a.p. Having looked around for...
  18. Northern Cal-South bay Grom

    Hi, i think it's finally time to join the forum. I bought my 2015 Honda Grom in yellow at motorcafe in Sunnyvale about 3 1/2 months ago. I paid it off the first night seeing as how I wanted to have this be my "fun" bike. A little history about me is I've been riding for quite some years and my...
  19. 2016 Honda Grom + (Electric Version rebranded for over seas maybe for US)

    Grom Talk
    well i found this company that apparently is a rebranded Honda grom. Some of these bikes look like the two new grom scrambler concepts. I believe this is a company over seas, there is a dealer here in the U.S. Check it out let me know what you think. also check the parts they are identical...
  20. Grom/MSX Videos Only - Post Your Video!

    Grom Talk
    What's up, guys! This thread is meant to showcase your Honda Grom/MSX 125 videos. As a YouTuber, I post videos/MotoVlogs on my Grom almost daily. I'm always interested in finding other vloggers/riders. Post your video and/or YouTube channel name below and I'll check it out/subscribe. Thanks...