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  1. Monkey Talk
    We build this wheel and wanna share and have some feedbacks whether it is cool or not. We are considering to develop new wheels for new Monkey in the future!
  2. Diddy Kong

    Here’s my 2019 Honda monkey, just had a spit and polish enjoying the ‘British summer’ during lock down
  3. Monkey Pictures/Videos
    Here is the offroad video I was talking about from last week. I couldn't believe the Monkey with stock gearing made it up/down this trail. 1,230ft of elevation gain up to 10,300ft. I don't expect anyone (or myself) to watch this entire thing, but the link begins a 650ft hill climb which...
  4. Monkey Pictures/Videos
    Top Speed Run #1 - 70ºF 8mph head wind @7,100ft elevation, stock 15/34 gearing, Yoshimura RS-3 Full Race exhaust (no DB killer insert), MNNTHBX Mtake intake, TB performance cam, stock ECU, and Kenda Big Block tires. Speedometer corrected with 12oclock SpeedoDRD speed calibrator confirmed with...
  5. Monkey Talk
    . Well she finally arrived home today. We've got a ton of parts available for the Monkey, and many more coming. Along with Youtube Videos as well. Be sure to keep watch. .
1-6 of 6 Results