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  1. WTB ASV clutch & brake levers

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Just putting this out there to see if anyone has ASV clutch & brake levers they want to part out.
  2. Did I accidentally adjust my clutch cable while adding bar end mirrors?

    Grom Talk
    I put some MZS Tuning bar end mirrors on my 2019 and when I took it out for a test ride I noticed that my clutch lever doesn’t squeeze in as far as it use to. The overall feel of it is just totally different too. It has a much stiffer and snappier feel to it now where as previously it felt...
  3. FS: Givi Tank Bag

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Selling this Givi Tank Bag I got as a gift from the wife. I ordered one online 2 days ago, but she went ahead and bought me one without knowing. It hasn't been used on a ride. It comes with the straps, rain cover see photos. Asking for $45 or best offer + free shipping.
  4. For Sale 2019 Honda Grom Central NJ

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    2019 Honda Grom. Under 1,000 miles. Fender eliminator with LED rear turn signals. Zoom twin loop exhaust. Stealth black mirrors. This was my first bike to learn and get comfortable riding before moving on to something bigger. Bike is like new and only ridden for one season. Never dropped. Price...
  5. CJR Dynojet 250i Information Thread V2 - Grom / Monkey / Super Cub (Lots of Graphs)

    Grom Performance
    Hey Guys, Dropping in to start a new thread with the upgraded dyno to split up the data. I have learned a LOT over the years and this new dyno is full awesome features to get the most out of the builds. I am going to do my best to keep this updated each Friday/every other Friday. I am working on...
  6. [WANTED] 2013-2014 Honda Grom o2 sensor cord

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Just wondering if anyone here has a 2013-14 Grom o2 sensor cord they're not using, part# 36533-k26-901 It's the cord that connects to the stock o2 sensor. Let me know thanks!
  7. TW_2013-14 Honda Grom

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    Testing Waters for my 2013-14 Grom. Located in San Diego. I'm growing out of my Grom, and looking for more sport adventure type of bike. Details about the bike: About 5000+ miles on the bike. Oil change every 600-800 miles. Yoshimura fender eliminator. Racing Bro's front suspension & rear...
  8. Free Shipping on all order $200 or more!!

  9. BST CARBON FIBER WHEELS Extra 10% DISCOUNT For 72 Hrs Only!

    HardRacing Performance
    BST CARBON FIBER WHEELS EXTRA 10% DISCOUNT For 72 Hrs Only! We are running an Extra 10% Discount off the BST wheels that are ordered through the next 72 hrs. Which of course we are passing on to our customers. So the sale ENDS... This SATURDAY @ 11:59 PM. If you order before then, the...
  10. Two Groms in SoCal

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    These twins - Honda Grom 125 cc. Both in very good condition. There are some improvements done to both - better grips, turning signals, LED tail lights and few more minor ones. Most importantly - both have acropovic exhausts. White one is 2015, has 757 miles. Black one is 2014, has 393 miles...
  11. just another compilation of boring commute ride + bonus road rage, dog attack

    Grom Pictures/Videos
    Title explains everything. no stunt, wheelie or crash is included, just some crazy people and dogs who wants to kill me! have a nice ride!
  12. Go kart with Honda Grom 125cc engine

    Grom Talk
    I thought this was interesting enough to share. Shifting looks like a pain. lol
  13. GROM LED PLASMA HALO Headlight Conversion Kit

    HardRacing Performance
    Honda Grom Plazma LED Headlight Conversion Halos and Demon Eye Kit Converts your standard halogen Grom headlight bulb over to a super-bright, 5-Bulb, 1800 Lumen, LED Headlight with forward facing LED Halo and rear facing LED Demon Eye. Mix and match colors for the Halo and...
  14. SF Bay Area CA - Honda Grom Stolen!

    Grom Talk
    Yep, it happened to me. Thieves took my bike last night. Trying to repost this everywhere so be on the lookout for the bike or its parts... Chain cut and stolen from Redwood City this morning. White. Yoshimura exhaust, projector headlight, aftermarket sport seat, aftermarket mirrors, gold...
  15. Grom Wanted Minnesota any color/year

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    Yeah If your selling a Grom or a ruckus in Minnesota hit me up
  16. Hi Everyone! Illinois Grom Rider Here!

    Hello everyone. My name is Adam, & I ride a 2015 Grom. Just bought it brand new a few months ago, & I try to put 100+ miles on it every week. Depending on Illinois' terrible weather haha . Glad to meet you all! :redgrom::redgrom::redgrom: Something to watch, if you're bored :) I had fun...
  17. Honda Grom Mugen Power JDM Exhaust

    Grom Pictures/Videos
    new to the grom world. short video of stock exhaust vs mugen power jdm exhaust. thanks for watching :encouragement:
  18. WTB: Wideband O2 Sensor & AFR gauge

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Looking to buy wideband 02 sensor & AFR gauge. Show me what you have
  19. Rush Hours in Istanbul

    Grom Pictures/Videos
    Hi grommers, This is Cihan from Istanbul, Turkey. I'm quite newbie to motorcycles and driving on two wheels. Actually I got my driving license 4 days ago. So here I wanna share my amateur video-cut which is captured by a GoPro Hero4 Session. I get so much fun and learn so much day by day. I...
  20. WTB : Stock Shifter or Rear Brake Pedal

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Just looking to see if anyone has any spare parts laying around. Took a fall on the bike the other day and the shifter and rear brake pedal both banged up. PM me what you guys have. We'll discuss about payment and shipping etc.