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  1. Grom Talk
    I have already reported my bike stolen. If anyone sees it in Virginia or anywhere else please contact me! It has protaper, ejk fuel controller and stickers as seen. Thank you.
  2. Grom Builds
    I have a new to me 2014 Honda Grom that I am rebuilding. I have torn everything down and replaced the drive sprockets and chain. I just installed a TST integrated taillight and fender eliminator. Now the headlight wont turn on and the blinkers wont indicate. The bike will start and the new...
  3. Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I come from the car community and was convinced to start riding. I am from California (yay...not). I am excited to learn how to ride and be a part of whole new community to me! I will daily my Grom and treat it as my commuter on backroads. I know absolutely nothing about bikes lol...
  4. Grom Talk
    Hello, I'm new to the forums so I'm not sure where to post this then again I see you all get that alot. So I have a 2020 grom, Leo vince gull system, modded airbox, are the only air/fuel upgrades with the PCV. All of the preset maps on dynjets site still seem to make my bike run lean after...
  5. Grom Talk
    This is my first post so bear with me. Just got a 2019 on a trade. The left turn signal works perfectly fine, the right running light works but when I hit the turn signal it turns off and nothing happens. It's got flush mount LEDs on the front and a fender delete with integrated led...
  6. Grom Talk
    I just installed a chimera intake and a zoom “brute” exhaust, and noticed that when I started my bike the exhaust manifold got really hot and a little smoke came off it. I haven’t reset my ECU yet. Not sure if I’m running to lean, or if it is another problem.
  7. Grom Talk
    Over the past two weeks my grom started feeling like it’s a little low on torque in 1st gear. It’s got a yoshi exhaust and chimera intake, along with a tune. I originally thought this might be because i filled it up with 93 instead of 87, but in the last 2 days the issue has gotten worse. When...
  8. Grom Talk
    I just bought a new WPS featherweight battery (HJTZ5S-FP-IL) from Hard Racing for my 2015 grom. The terminals are opposite of the original battery so it appears i have to cut some of the wire harness/tape to get the wires to fit... more specifically the negative wires. Am i missing something...
  9. Grom Talk
    Hi guys! Just bought a 2017 grom, noticed it’s been dropped and hopefully got an okay deal on it, but the shifting lever is really stiff... I’m sorry I’m new to this but I would love to fix it myself with a little help/ guidance from you guys. When I try to shift there has to be a high amount of...
1-9 of 9 Results