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  1. Grom Racing
    Heys guy first post ever on here as a brand new member, I checked to see if maybe another post was here on it but didn’t come across any. I have a 2022 Honda grom and was planning on hooking up a phone holder / charger to the bike battery for navigation etc along with Oxford heated grips for the...
  2. Grom Talk
    Hey everyone sorry if this is in the wrong channel, but I got a 2018 grom with a Toce exhaust. I wanted to see if anyone had recommendations on positioning the license plate light wire? I'm not having any issues with the wiring its self just hate how loose it looks at the moment but afraid to...
  3. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Power Command 5 Wideband and o2 sensor Basically a plug n' play kit More info about the setup:
    $400 USD
  4. Grom Talk
    Hey I just bought a 2018 Grom and it had a wheelie bar on it. I took it off and there's no bracket or anything for turn signal installation. I don't really know what to even look for. Does the Yoshimura fender eliminator kit have an integrated bracket for turn signals? I'm new to bikes and...
  5. Grom Gear and Accessories
    Hey everyone, I just bought a 2019 Grom, and was wondering, if a 2013-15 Akrapovic slip on would fit on the 2019 model, or if I had to buy an adaptor of some kind. I may have found a 2019 exhuast, but they aren´t road legal:/ Thanks in Advance Christianyasuni.
  6. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Will ship same day if time allows. Many references on here and on the Grom performance page on facebook. Can part items out but they will cost more. Fly wheel holder , flywheel gear removal tool, Motion pro gear jammer , Valve adjustment tool and the oil spinner socket to remove the oil spinner...
    $75 USD
  7. Introductions
    My 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 KRT ABS, which I bought for my 74th birthday (Imperial, not metric) three years ago, confided that it was lonely sitting in the patio with nothing but a (wonderful) Taiwanese-made Genuine Buddy 50 scooter to keep it company. Well, the Kawi has always given me many...
  8. Grom For Sale / Wanted
    2022 Honda Grom (Yellow) All stock Under 700 miles Asking $3700
  9. Grom Builds
    I have a new to me 2014 Honda Grom that I am rebuilding. I have torn everything down and replaced the drive sprockets and chain. I just installed a TST integrated taillight and fender eliminator. Now the headlight wont turn on and the blinkers wont indicate. The bike will start and the new...
  10. Monkey Parts For Sale / Wanted
    Does anyone have a set of Monkey rearsets for sale?
  11. Grom Talk
    Has anyone heard or know of interchangeable parts that can carry on from the 2021 models to the previous models, or more specifically the clutch cover, and head lights?
  12. Grom Performance
    I recently bought a used 2019 honda grom as my first bike. It was completely stock so i went to modding right away. I put on a new 14 tooth sprocket and a new chain, and after putting everything back together and getting the first ride going. The shifter is starting to make a rattle when i down...
  13. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Who’s selling a seat? Noi maybe Corbin depending on the price honestly. Can trade for my stock + cash. Needs to be for a 2017+ grom.
  14. Grom Builds
    Here it is. I've talked about this build on the socials for some time and it has finally started and moving along. I am making a video series on every single thing you need to do, parts to buy and even torque specs to swap your grom to a CB300F, CBR250R CBR300R motor. I have built many BBKs but...
  15. Grom Talk
    So, I've got dwarfism and I've always wanted to go to two wheels. I've been looking at the Groms and they're pretty sweet. People lowering and stretching them and it looks like a fun little bike that's got some power behind them. I'm in Upstate New York which has a mix of towns and long, 55 mph...
  16. Grom Performance
    I just got the 125cc high comp kit. I'm about to install, but I didn't see any marking indicators for top, or bottom piston rings. Has anyone installed one of these kits and know what rings are top and bottom. Btw the kit came with a black and sliver ring. I know unknown shadow on youtube does...
  17. Grom Gear and Accessories
    Hello everyone I'm new to motorcycling and started on a Grom now the thing is I wanna get some mods but since I'm going to travel a lot I wanna make sure the parts I put on my Grom are legal that they have an E number or something else that makes them legal over here in Europe. I know that for...
  18. Grom Builds
    I ordered a speedometer for a 2014 grom I bought without a speedometer... It came with 2 small plugs and a medium plug coming off of it, but the only harness I can see on my grom is one large plug with a rubber plug/seal around it... Anyone know what I need? Tia
  19. Introductions
    Bought a Z125 a little over a year ago, them felt like I “outgrew” it. Sold it, along with a scooter I had sitting around in the shop, and bought a Yamaha R3. Rode the Yamaha a bit, and then began to get a weird feeling.. “Is this faster, bigger bike as fun as my Z?” After thinking about it for...
  20. Grom Performance
    My 2015 grom runs absolutely fine in every other gear but for some reason in 4th it cant manage to get itself past 5000 revs. Does anybody know what the issue could be?
1-20 of 145 Results