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  1. 60% clutch spring engagement point

    Grom Talk
    I installed 60% clutch springs last week. Had a chance to dial it in and test ride around the neighborhood. The clutch lever is now engaging around 1/4 out from the bars compared to the stocks 3/4 out. Just wondering for those who have 60% clutch springs installed where are your engagement...
  2. Grom wont start

    Grom Talk
    So I’ve had my grom for about a month now. I laid it down once and got a little cosmetic damage but nothing mechanical or electrical that I could see. I’ve been riding it almost everyday and yesterday I went to start it and all the lights and tach gauges came on but when I pressed the starter it...
  3. Ermax Seat Cover

    Moto Machines
    Ermax Seat Covers, also known as seat cowls, make it possible to give your bike the race type look every rider yearns for. These covers are made to simply snap onto the existing passenger seat with minimum effort. The best part about these seat covers is that you are able to snap it off...
  4. Did I accidentally adjust my clutch cable while adding bar end mirrors?

    Grom Talk
    I put some MZS Tuning bar end mirrors on my 2019 and when I took it out for a test ride I noticed that my clutch lever doesn’t squeeze in as far as it use to. The overall feel of it is just totally different too. It has a much stiffer and snappier feel to it now where as previously it felt...
  5. First grom mods

    Grom Talk
    what’s up my fellow gromers..:I just bought my first bike a 2019 grom I bought the bike to learn to ride since I have never rode one and man I love this little thing but there are some things I would like to change on it appearance wise... I already swapped out those bug like stock mirrors for...
  6. Help with Headlights?

    Grom Builds
    Okay guys to start off I have a 2014 grom. I have a set of the alchemy parts dual led light bar headlight kit. but It just has a simple headlight plug (I believe h4?) that goes straight to where the stock headlight would plug into but after plugging it in it doesn’t come on? I used alligator...
  7. For Sale 2019 Honda Grom Central NJ

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    2019 Honda Grom. Under 1,000 miles. Fender eliminator with LED rear turn signals. Zoom twin loop exhaust. Stealth black mirrors. This was my first bike to learn and get comfortable riding before moving on to something bigger. Bike is like new and only ridden for one season. Never dropped. Price...
  8. Look at this guys rear grom sprocket lmao

    Grom Talk
    I saw this on reddit: Look at this shit! lmao
  9. Need paint help

    Grom Talk
    Hey guys, new on the forum but have been lurking for quite some time.... I have a 2019 Grom (non ABS) and it the "Cherry Red" To make a long story short, I was forced to lay my bike down at about 45mph. I replaced everything that was damaged due to the crash (bars, grips, levers, rear sets...
  10. Maryland Area Grom For Sale - $2000

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    Renthal Bars, Adjustable Levers, Ixil Exhaust, Bar End Mirror, Tidy Tail, Low Profile Blinkers. Garage kept on Battery Tinder and mostly rode by the wife around the neighborhood to keep fresh on her MSF skills. Model: 2014 Honda Grom (125cc) Color: Red (Green Vinyl Wrap) Mileage:1350 Miles...
  11. 50-50 Mild Street Build

    Grom Builds
    I've had a Honda CRF50 since about 2007 when pit bikes were still a big thing. Make Pit Bikes Great Again! I set my 50 up for mild street stunt - wheelies and stoppies. You can see my 50 here alongside my 2007 Buell XB12 Scg Lightning. I bought both bikes new and still own them. The Buell...
  12. Ermax Cooling Air Scoops

    Moto Machines
    Cooling air scoops from Ermax circulate air around the radiator and helps cool down the engine of the Grom. These scoops provide an elegant touch to the bike and are available in factory matched colors or unpainted. For an affordable price, these air scoops not only help the cooldown of the...
  13. Searching for Full Grom Air Suspension

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hi there, Im looking for a full air suspension set up for the rear shock, preferably the full TK Garage kit if anyone is looking to get rid of it! Thanks!:big smile:
  14. Engine case bolt snapped

    Grom Talk
    Hey so I had a bit of an issue today while doing an oil change on my grom. I was cleaning out the oil spinner and as I put the right engine case back on and was tightening the bolts I overtightened one and it snapped, about half of it is stuck in the hole still. It’s on the right bottom corner...
  15. Grom ABS Issue

    Grom Talk
    Hey guys- So I have a 2018 Grom w/ ABS (it was the only one left as I rather not have ABS). I just changed sprockets from the factory 15/34 to a 14/36 set up and I love it. The only issue is now after riding for 10 minutes or so the ABS light comes on and continuously flashes at me. I have...
  16. Grom shock adjustment

    Grom Talk
    I recently bought the Racingbros rear mono shock and have been reading up on preload adjustments to help compliment your weight. Is there a specific sag or preload measurement that I should be aiming for? I occasionally ride track and canyons and would like to setup for that type of riding...
  17. Wanting to Buy A Grom

    Grom Talk
    Hey guys, brand new to the forum. I have seen alot of youtube videos and stuff about Honda Groms and the second I first saw one I knew I wanted one. I just turned 16 and got my license not a motorcycle license which I am pretty sure I need. I want to buy a grom but I do not know anything about...
  18. BUYING a Honda Grom!

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    Hello. I'm looking for a Honda Grom in California (preferably near Santa Barbara) and I have $2000 (which will be paid in cash). Thanks
  19. A bit late to the party...

    ...but better late than never, right? I'm trading in my CB125F and picking up my MSX125 at the end of the month. Big pluses for me are the size, (easier to fit in my kitchen!) and the wide range of readily available parts for customisation. It was such a pain trying to find stuff for the...
  20. Exhaust O2 Sensor

    Grom Talk
    So I just bought a 2018 Honda Grom and I have began modding. First things first I wanted to get a high-mount FMF exhaust and a Chimera Intake. I will most likely end up getting the Aracer RC Mini Plus2 ECU. My question is, should I buy the FMF from steady garage and have them weld the O2 sensor...