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  1. We are live!!!

    You can now purchase our current selection of Grom graphics kits on our website. CLICK HERE We will be adding more styles on a regular basis so keep checking back or send us your design request.
  2. Flaming Skulls Grom Graphics kit- NOW AVAILABLE

    Many of you have been asking for Skulls so we decided to create this super cool Flaming Skulls graphics kit just for your Grom. You will notice lots of colors and effects in this kit along with a new MSX 125 logo now incorporated within. Make your Grom stand out from all the others at the next...
  3. NEW Grom Graphics kit- Dirty Air Craft Metal P40 DESERT

    We have created a Desert version of our Dirty Air Craft Metal P40 Graphics kit for the Grom. Email: [email protected] 814-838-6377
  4. Dirty Air Craft P40 Grom Graphics kit

    Take a look at this new Grom Graphics kit created with our Dirty Air Craft metal and P40 Warhawk Shark face incorporated. This color combination would look good on any color Grom and keep in mind you can choose from a matte or glossy finish depending on the look you want. Kit includes: Right...
  5. Grom graphics kits in the making..

    As I mentioned in my first post we are hard at work templating our Grom so we can offer you some of the coolest Grom Graphics and decal kits available online. To start off we have been working on our Natural Flame graphics kit which is almost completed. It currently has 17 pieces to it but we...
  6. Hello Grom Owners.. we are excited to be here!

    We are super excited to be a supporting vendor her on As a new Grom owner my self I could not wait to get the machine and I am loving every moment I have a chance to ride. I want to let you know a bit about us as a company We have been in business for a...