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  1. Grom For Sale / Wanted
    I have my 2014 Honda Grom for sale, about 3,500 miles on it. Selling for $3600 OBO. I am located in Charlotte NC. Have Customer LED tail light, bar end mirrors, Brocks Performance Full exhaust system, Power Commander tuned by Brocks, Chimera Intake, K&N air filter, gold shorty levers, fender...
  2. Grom Talk
    Hello everyone! I am very new to this forum, and have a few questions. Will a Honda Grom be a good first bike? Is it easy to maintain? How hard is it to ride? (Never ridden or owned a bike before) How hard is it to modify? (Rear fender, exhaust, etc...) What is it's top speed Km? Could I take...
  3. Grom Performance
    I was poking around last year for small exhaust tweaks for the Grom/Thai MSX125 clone. I used to see the Arrow 52004MI header was a common item on the different parts sites. Now, after after some hard searching I found it on a site or two. Guess my questions are: What happened? Does it suck...
  4. HMF Racing
    I'm thinking about ordering the full exhaust kit from HMF but wanted to hear it first. Their website is top notch as far as options and pictures, but I don't see a video/audio clip of it. Anyone have one?
  5. Grom Builds
    First things first, took the mirrors off so the Grom would fit in the van. I'll be putting something back on, but not sure what style yet. Next comes the fender delete, rear turn signals will be integrated into the stock tail-light. Last night I had Steady Garage build a custom header and we...
1-5 of 5 Results