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  1. BBK

    Grom Talk
    After recommendations for a COMPLETE big bore kit to suit a '16 SF. Seriously thinking of either a 170, or 181, but am getting confused about what they come with or what is needed as an add on. I've done the Kitaco clutch cover mod, and added a home made intake, ditching the airbox. I need...
  2. Grom Performance
    So we get a lot of inquires and emails regarding this combination. What works, with what, and how, and what will I get....etc. So we made a video to go over all of that information. Hope you enjoy: .
  3. Grom Performance
    . So our last post got completely out of hand and off track. So we are starting a new one. This post is not meant to be "Gospel" But, it is meant to help some of you understand A/F, BBK, Heat....etc.. If you have read this forum enough, then you know the Grom Runs Lean...
1-3 of 3 Results