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  1. Grom Builds
    I’m building one of my 2022 Groms to be an off road / dirt bike Grom. My set up is a rear fender delete, DHM S1 cam, hammerhead direct shifter, 13t front sprocket, Shinko Mobbers and KLX110 bars. It was originally a street build but was totaled so my headlight bracket is busted too so I haven’t...
  2. Grom Talk
    Hi Does anyone know where to get a 2021/2022 Honda grom service manual I know there’s one currently on eBay but you can’t communicate to them and I can’t buy it because they don’t have international shipping to Australia anymore know where I can get one that can post to Australia cheers
  3. Grom Talk
    was looking to buy a 2022, but wondering if this is a common problem. a decent amount of people in the YT comments seem to be having this issue. looks like its happening after riding for a bit and in 4/5 gear
  4. Grom Performance
    Howdy All, First post here, So I'm new to the 2022 Grom, its my first bike. I have the black one and I love it. Anywho, I decided to grab a 14T sprocket for it. After comparing the new 14T to the factory 15T. I noticed that the inner teeth on the 14T sprocket are smaller than the factory 15T...
  5. Grom Builds
    Hello recently purchased 2021 Honda grom RR/SP want to upgrade front forks with out doing springs is there a mod like ND4SPDBH’s mod is there such thing for this model cheers
  6. Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I come from the car community and was convinced to start riding. I am from California (yay...not). I am excited to learn how to ride and be a part of whole new community to me! I will daily my Grom and treat it as my commuter on backroads. I know absolutely nothing about bikes lol...
1-6 of 6 Results