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  1. GPR Steering Stabilizer for the Honda GROM

    HardRacing Performance
    The GPR Steering damper/stabilizer will help you to ride faster while minimizing and managing the bike’s tendency to develop headshake (tankslappers) at faster speeds, on the track & the street. Having a steering damper on your bike is like having a seatbelt... When you get into a situation...
  2. Grom Steering damper kits from GPR Stabilizer

    Grom Talk
    Hey everyone, new to the forum here. Loren from GPR Stabilizer... Check out our new steering damper kits for the Honda Grom. Steering damper unit is our GPRv4-sport mounted below the bars. Available in 9 anodized colors with black billet mounts. All kits come complete and are all bolt-on...