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  1. Grom as My First Bike!

    Grom Talk
    Hello everyone! I would like to introduce myself, my name is Maciej, I live in UK and I'm a proud owner of a Grom since two weeks. I would like to share my experiences here and possibly get some help on the matters I have no idea about! First a little bit about my background, I never rode a...
  2. Is a Grom a good first bike?

    Grom Talk
    Hello everyone! I am very new to this forum, and have a few questions. Will a Honda Grom be a good first bike? Is it easy to maintain? How hard is it to ride? (Never ridden or owned a bike before) How hard is it to modify? (Rear fender, exhaust, etc...) What is it's top speed Km? Could I take...
  3. New Grom Owner and First Time Motorcycle Owner

    Hey Y'all! Very excited to become a Grom owner/member and a motorcycle owner. I purchased a 2014 Honda Grom - Black, yesterday. :blackgrom: Woo! Why a Grom for me? It's simple. Yesterday was literally the third time I have ever rode a motorcycle. So I needed something fun that would hook me to...
  4. Should I make a Grom my first REAL bike?

    Honda MSX125 UK
    Hi all, I've been looking at the Grom for some time now. I'm currently riding a scooter however when im 17 ,which isn't for some time yet but it never hurts to be early, obviously I want to upgrade. I like everything about the Grom, except the size. Its not major off-putting for me, however I...
  5. Grom as First Bike?

    Grom Talk
    Hey guys, I hope I'm not duplicating threads here, I checked the search forum function and it didn't look like anyone had asked this before. Do you guys think the Grom is a decent first bike? I've looked over the forums for a few hours and it seems like people are happy with these little...