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  1. ⛔ Carbon Fiber Fender Eliminator + License Plate Hider in one

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    Really nice looking real carbon fiber and CNC aluminum fender eliminator which also doubles as a plate flipper or hider whatever you wanna call it. I have a switch operated version for $170, and wireless remote control operated version for $210. More info HERE
  2. Vagabond Motorsports Stands behind its products

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    I had ordered a Vagabond Fender Eliminator back in June 2014. I've not missed my OEM whale tale ever since. Last week, I noticed that the fender eliminator snapped, and my license plate and signals were dangling. All of that single cylinder vibration had taken its toll on the bend in the...
  3. My black grom

    Grom Builds
    Hi, i got my from for a few months but first time posting here. This is how it look like at first Black with red stickers and gold rims!!!!:shocked: I told my dealer to remove all red stickers and paint my rims. Few days later it look like different bike after : - tail tidy -LED front and...
  4. FS: Yoshimura Honda GROM Fender Eliminator Kit

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    Selling Yoshi Fender Eliminator for $70 shipped. Yoshi Eliminator came with the grom when I bought the bike back in July. Ask for pics through PM.
  5. Vagabond Motorsports Honda Grom Products

    Vagabond Motorsports
    Hi Everyone, We wanted to let you all know that our products can be found in 3 different locations depending on how you like to shop! Our website Amazon (all products are Amazon Prime eligible) Ebay We'd like to thank all of our customers who have made our Fender Eliminator #1 Best Seller...
  6. Hotbodies TAG Fender Eliminator Review

    Grom Gear and Accessories
    Looks: This kit looks amazing once installed. I was pretty set on getting a fender eliminator that had separate turn signals from the brake light. I know for many drivers turn signals can be easily overlooked in an integrated tail light. The only concern I have with this is that, because the...
  7. Yoshimura fender eliminator (brand new)

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    No longer available!