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fender delete

  1. ⛔ Carbon Fiber Fender Eliminator + License Plate Hider in one

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Really nice looking real carbon fiber and CNC aluminum fender eliminator which also doubles as a plate flipper or hider whatever you wanna call it. I have a switch operated version for $170, and wireless remote control operated version for $210. More info HERE
  2. Yoshimura fender eliminator (brand new)

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    No longer available!
  3. Build: Otakufuel Powersports build

    Grom Builds
    First things first, took the mirrors off so the Grom would fit in the van. I'll be putting something back on, but not sure what style yet. Next comes the fender delete, rear turn signals will be integrated into the stock tail-light. Last night I had Steady Garage build a custom header and we...