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  1. Grom Talk
    Hi I Got an aftermarket exhaust and I did the DIY air box mod. I know when you change the exhaust and put a different air intake like a Chimera Intake you need a reflashed ECU or something like a Boosterplug. Now I am a bit lost cause I don't know/can't find if the DIY mod does enough to get...
  2. Monkey Talk
    Hi there, I'm relatively new to biking, I bought my Honda Monkey last summer and am struggling finding an answer to my problem: Q: I've recently added the Yoshimura RS-3 Full race system & Stock Dinger intake ( stock TB ) and don't know whether or not I need to upgrade the standard OEM ECU...
  3. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I’m looking for a FMF high mount header for the 14-15 grom. Or a header that will fit the fmf 4.1 RCT slip on exhaust. The fmf slip on outside diameter (OD) 34.5mm and inside diameter is 31.6mm. The 14-15 chimera stainless header fm steady garage didn’t work. The outside diameter is too...
  4. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Let me know your asking price shipped (US). Preferably Yoshimura or Akrapovic but I can also consider other brands for the right price. PM me or reply here. Thanks!
  5. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I'm selling my carbon fiber zoom loop exhaust for $250 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 states in the US. I'll ship it anywhere in the world but we'll need to work out shipping costs. It has less than about 800 miles on it, I don't think Zoom makes the carbon fiber version anymore, the...
  6. Grom Builds
    I have not posted my build here so I figured I would throw it out there for everyone to see, Ask questions and make fun of my purpleness :). I have learned a lot in the progress of my grom build and wasted a lot of money to the point where now I could build an engine blindfolded. I knew nothing...
  7. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Sold sold sold
  8. Grom Talk
    So... I want to get a new exhaust, but I'm debating what to get. I kind of have an idea as to what I want, but I just wanted to get some ideas from you guys first. I have a 2016 model. I'm just looking for recommendations/what to stay away from. I don't exactly have a budget at the moment, but...
  9. Grom Performance
    Hi everyone, I wanna change the exhaust on my 2018 grom but I'm finding it hard to find a street legal exhaust. The only one I have found is a black widow 300mm exhaust which in my opinion looks too big for the grom. Anyone got any ideas?
  10. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I have the Yoshi RS-2, Hinder and Brock(black color) exhaust in mind, post your low mounted exhaust and show me what you've got. I want the can of the exhaust to be mounted where the stock exhaust is. I'm also looking for 12 bar / subcage. Thank you!
  11. Grom Builds
    So i have a 2018 grom and all im doing is a air intake and exhaust nothing else. I hear alot of people saying it will run lean(makes sense). Some say its fine ,some say its not and requires tuning etc.... what does everyone recommend?? Ive search and search but cant seem to fine a direct...
  12. Grom How-To's and Guides
    I recently installed the AR Mini Exhaust on my 2018 Grom. I'm very impressed didn't expect to even notice a power difference but being a small guy I guess it helped. One problem I ran into which pretty much every one has with the Aodonly Racing Exhaust is that it's really loud even with the...
  13. Grom Talk
    So I just bought a 2018 Honda Grom and I have began modding. First things first I wanted to get a high-mount FMF exhaust and a Chimera Intake. I will most likely end up getting the Aracer RC Mini Plus2 ECU. My question is, should I buy the FMF from steady garage and have them weld the O2 sensor...
1-13 of 51 Results