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exhaust upgrade

  1. Scorpion Header Pipe

    Moto Machines
    Scorpion Exhaust header pipes are here to complete the package, offering you the ultimate performance for your motorcycle. Pair these headers with that Slip-On from Scorpion for the true "Red Power" experience. Only fits Scorpion Seket Taper Slip-on. The header pipe is currently 40% off, get on...
  2. Scorpion Serket Taper Slip-On Exhaust

    Moto Machines
    Scorpion Serket Taper Slip-On Exhausts are the modern solution to flat performance and unnecessary weight. Save now on both weight and loss of power by opting for 'Red Power' made possible from the world leader in exhausts. Available in titanium and stainless steel finishes. Upgrade your Grom...
  3. Looking to upgrade my exhaust... Help me decide...

    Grom Talk
    So... I want to get a new exhaust, but I'm debating what to get. I kind of have an idea as to what I want, but I just wanted to get some ideas from you guys first. I have a 2016 model. I'm just looking for recommendations/what to stay away from. I don't exactly have a budget at the moment, but...
  4. UK Street legal exhaust

    Grom Performance
    Hi everyone, I wanna change the exhaust on my 2018 grom but I'm finding it hard to find a street legal exhaust. The only one I have found is a black widow 300mm exhaust which in my opinion looks too big for the grom. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. Best exhaust Match?

    Grom Talk
    I've order AR dual mini exhaust and I've been suggested to get a new intake and ECU. Currently I've done the base intake strip (free) 1- Which intakes do you suggest? 2- Which ECU do you recommend? 3- Anything else you can advise doing?
  6. fuel controller advice

    Grom Talk
    Ive been researching the forum for weeks and have not found a comfortable solution to my problem. I would like to max out the potential with the stock bore. I already have a Two brothers exhaust, and chimera intake. In the near future I will be adding a Yoshimura performance cam and Finbro 125...
  7. What exhaust to get

    Grom Performance
    I basically just want to get rid of the stock exhaust, it's way too silent and I ride it everyday in traffic. A silent exhaust is no bueno around cars. I have a 2017 grom. Exhaust recommendations that also just isn't obnoxious?
  8. IXIL Exhaust Unboxing, Install and Startup

    Grom Talk
    Made a couple videos showcasing the IXIL L2X Hyperflow Exhaust. I had a hard time finding any videos out there showcasing this exhaust. Hoping these videos help some of you guys looking to replace the stock exhaust. I will be making a 3rd video riding around the Grom so that you can get a better...
  9. Newbie exhaust upgrade question

    Grom Performance
    So I just bought my Grom about a month ago and already upgraded the exhaust with a TYGA. I heard that I also should order a new intake filter. I saw online that people have the "power commander" for fuel regulation and now I am really confused. Do I need the power commander? What upgrades...