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  1. Electrical Problems

    Grom Talk
    Hey guys, So about a week ago I started having some electrical problems with my 2018 grom. The bike starts up fine, and I can ride it without any problems. However, there are no lights in the cluster, the indicators and rear lights are gone, the horn doesn't work . . . The only electrical...
  2. 2018 Grom Headlight Wiring questions.

    Grom Talk
    I've got a 2018 Grom that I just replaced the control switch (Signal/Headlight side) with a Tusk Switch Got everything wired up and it works well! The headlight switch is a 3 position 3 wire (Off/Low/High). Low beam and high...
  3. Electronics reset when ignition switch pressed

    Grom Talk
    Hi all, Hoping that someone else has had this problem and there's an easy fix. I'm starting to lose my mind trying to track down this gremlin, as I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. It's a 2017 grom, and the problems started after a dead battery (alarm drained it after not riding...
  4. Yibid LED Integrated Tail Light

    Grom How-To's and Guides
    Hey guys I picked up a Yibid LED integrated Tail Light, I hooked it up best as possible. I got the running light and break working with the signals but the signals don't blink. I read the instructions and realize that I need to use this orange block to control the blinker. I'm just not sure...
  5. High beam indicater light on dash not working??

    Grom Talk
    The high beam itself works but but light on the cluster doesn't come on? What's wrong? I know it's something really small but it's bugging me aha
  6. How-To: How do I fix my Groms instrument display?

    Grom How-To's and Guides
    Hey guys I'm fairly new rider and a new member to this forum and I have a question. I dropped my 2014 Grom today (nothing serious pretty minor drop) and when I picked my bike back up, the left blinker snapped off, and my instrument display was dead. I tried turning her on and off to see if that...
  7. FS: Yoshimura Honda GROM Fender Eliminator Kit

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Selling Yoshi Fender Eliminator for $70 shipped. Yoshi Eliminator came with the grom when I bought the bike back in July. Ask for pics through PM.
  8. 2015 Grom Electrical Issues

    Grom Talk
    Hey guys and girls, just bought a new 2015 Grom (my first bike!) and got a question about the behavior of it (all stock). I've noticed at idle it's lights dim very low unless you rev it, in which case they then light back up very brightly before dimming again. It also seems to sputter and...
  9. How to wire L.E.D blinkers.

    Grom Talk
    I'm trying to wire L.E.D. blinkers, all plugged in and they will blink once and stay on. Anyone have any solution? I've bought the right relays and didn't help. any suggestions?