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  1. Grom Performance
    Hi. I am planning to get a 181cc bbk for my 2018 msx, and was wondering if the YUMINASHI POWERSPORT ECU is good or if i should get something like the pv3?
  2. Monkey Talk
    So I have a 21/22 Monkey 5speed and I'm looking for an aracer ECU, but I'm a bit lost which model I should get. I've found one but the one they say is for the '22 5 speed won't fit mine( the plugs don't match) Now I have also seen they sell one for the '19/21 model that would fit...
  3. Grom Performance
    I recently bought a 2022 grom and installed the zoom brute. It is performing poor with this exhaust. So I wanted to reset the ECU but it does not work. I used a paperclip and looped the green and blue wire. I open throttle and insert the key and turn the key. Engine light does not blink at all.
  4. Grom Talk
    Hi I Got an aftermarket exhaust and I did the DIY air box mod. I know when you change the exhaust and put a different air intake like a Chimera Intake you need a reflashed ECU or something like a Boosterplug. Now I am a bit lost cause I don't know/can't find if the DIY mod does enough to get...
  5. Monkey Talk
    Hi there, I'm relatively new to biking, I bought my Honda Monkey last summer and am struggling finding an answer to my problem: Q: I've recently added the Yoshimura RS-3 Full race system & Stock Dinger intake ( stock TB ) and don't know whether or not I need to upgrade the standard OEM ECU...
  6. Grom Performance
    I’ve put in a 59mm cylinder, 27-23 valves, ported head, 30mm TB, 150cc injector, race cam (lift idk), open air filter, full exhaust, API (the to-go-ECU in Thailand), but the guy who tuned it didn’t seem to know what he’s doing. Getting decent acceleration with 14-32 sprockets, but only a lame...
  7. Grom How-To's and Guides
    Brand new 2020 GROM, Just ordered a TOCE exhaust for the noise to alert drivers. I do not care about adding power or speed. The exhaust is purely for my safety. Now in regards to my motors safety. After installing and resetting the ECU this im aware is highly recommended so i will do that first...
  8. Grom Performance
    is there a way for one to do this at home? What would be needed? Are there ready made downloadable maps if so?
  9. Monkey Talk
    Wat up monkey heads i added the Yoshimura rs3 full exhaust it ran great, i added the chimera short ram with a sprint filter (po8f1-85) and put a cjr flashed ecu before i took it for a test drive after the intake addition and its got no power now when i ride it sounds like it over revs and goes...
  10. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Complete DynoJet Power Vision PV3 setup with wideband. I am moving onto a different setup and no longer need this. This is the complete kit and caboodle with a married 2017-2020 ECU. Very awesome kit if you have basic bolt ons even a few bbks. DynoJet has tons of tunes that you are able to flash...
  11. Grom Builds
    I've had a Honda CRF50 since about 2007 when pit bikes were still a big thing. Make Pit Bikes Great Again! I set my 50 up for mild street stunt - wheelies and stoppies. You can see my 50 here alongside my 2007 Buell XB12 Scg Lightning. I bought both bikes new and still own them. The Buell...
  12. Grom Builds
    So i have a 2018 grom and all im doing is a air intake and exhaust nothing else. I hear alot of people saying it will run lean(makes sense). Some say its fine ,some say its not and requires tuning etc.... what does everyone recommend?? Ive search and search but cant seem to fine a direct...
  13. Grom Talk
    I've order AR dual mini exhaust and I've been suggested to get a new intake and ECU. Currently I've done the base intake strip (free) 1- Which intakes do you suggest? 2- Which ECU do you recommend? 3- Anything else you can advise doing?
  14. Grom Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Currently on my shopping list for the new season is the following: (Prices are for new parts) -Finbro Built 125cc head $150 -Finbro ECM $150 -Finnro Race piston $100 -Finbro camshaft $100 If anybody has these parts or similar, I am interested.
  15. Grom Performance
    So i know people have been curious and i personally havnt read or seen anyone hook up a wideband to see what the stock AFRs the ecu is running for the grom so i decided to pull my standalone off and plug the stock ecu in to find out and give everyone a general idea. First off and first test, my...
  16. Grom Performance
    Fuel controller or old Atari 2600 parts? Thoughts?
1-16 of 16 Results