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  1. Grom Performance
    I recently bought a 2022 grom and installed the zoom brute. It is performing poor with this exhaust. So I wanted to reset the ECU but it does not work. I used a paperclip and looped the green and blue wire. I open throttle and insert the key and turn the key. Engine light does not blink at all.
  2. Grom Performance
    I’ve put in a 59mm cylinder, 27-23 valves, ported head, 30mm TB, 150cc injector, race cam (lift idk), open air filter, full exhaust, API (the to-go-ECU in Thailand), but the guy who tuned it didn’t seem to know what he’s doing. Getting decent acceleration with 14-32 sprockets, but only a lame...
  3. Grom Performance
    New to the forum and to Groms. I’ve been on a obsessive deep dive the last week and have totally geeked out since then.. This one is a bit counter intuitive, but bear with me. I’m working on an EFI for a batch of grom 212cc clones. The EFI setup for testing and baseline is speedunio for now...
  4. Grom Talk
    Trying to decide which computer controller to go with. My goal is not to add top end speed as I had it going 64mph today.. but for my Grom to not be effected by the wind and hills as much... and the occasional wheelie is always fun too :) I purchased the Grom with these engine mods: Chimera...
  5. Grom Performance
    Hi my name is Jamie ellis I've built supercross and motocross race engines for over the last ten years. I'm looking for anyone with a honda grom in the southern California area who has a grom who wants to do some dyno testing. I've got the dyno and some time if you are down hit up I have some...
1-5 of 5 Results