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  1. Grom Talk
    So I have an 18 Grom with a zoom loop exhaust and a chimera intake arriving today. I did as much research as I could on the EJK and the PCV, and I feel like the EJK is the better solution since I have absolutely no plans to go big bore or anything further in terms of engine mods, and I like how...
  2. Vendor Reviews / Links
    I called them after I had already received my EJK and asked a bunch of technical questions in an effort to make my tuning easier. The sales reps didn't have the answers so they went straight to the guys who did to get me all the answers to every question I asked, right away. Great customer...
  3. Grom Performance
    The Dobeck Performance EJK fuel controller is ready for the market. The part number is 8110049. You can find it for order at this link, EFI Controllers - Electronic Jet Kit - Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Sportbikes, Snowmobiles, Watercraft, Dirt Bikes Discounts available to forum members...
1-3 of 3 Results