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    Hello, new guy here. Sorry for the long post. I have a 2018 Honda Grom SF with 651 miles. This week I installed a Kitaco Clutch Cover, along with a Takegawa Super Oil Pump, Hard Racing Billet Clutch Plate, and EBC Clutch Springs. Running Motul 300V 10w40 Oil. The install went well. I followed...
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    Grip Puppies bring you added comfort, better throttle control and also reduces fatigue created by vibration. A soft, squeezable grip that simply slips over your standard rubber grip (no need to remove standard grip) and leaves you with a soft, squeezable, tactile grip that will give greater...
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    What's up Grom riders?! Hope everybody is having a great riding season! Ermax Seat Covers, also known as seat cowls, make it possible to give your bike a complete look every rider yearns for. These covers are made to simply snap onto the existing passenger seat with minimum effort. The best part...
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    Need a good water resistant cover for new Grom. Any ideas? In NorCal, east Bay Area. -Thanks