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  1. 60% clutch spring engagement point

    Grom Talk
    I installed 60% clutch springs last week. Had a chance to dial it in and test ride around the neighborhood. The clutch lever is now engaging around 1/4 out from the bars compared to the stocks 3/4 out. Just wondering for those who have 60% clutch springs installed where are your engagement...
  2. New to forum! But also shifter issues?!

    Grom Talk
    Hi guys! Just bought a 2017 grom, noticed it’s been dropped and hopefully got an okay deal on it, but the shifting lever is really stiff... I’m sorry I’m new to this but I would love to fix it myself with a little help/ guidance from you guys. When I try to shift there has to be a high amount of...
  3. Noise after Kitaco Clutch Cover install?

    Grom Talk
    Hello, new guy here. Sorry for the long post. I have a 2018 Honda Grom SF with 651 miles. This week I installed a Kitaco Clutch Cover, along with a Takegawa Super Oil Pump, Hard Racing Billet Clutch Plate, and EBC Clutch Springs. Running Motul 300V 10w40 Oil. The install went well. I followed...

    Grom Talk
    Hi everyone, So i have a new 2017 Grom and have about 500 miles or so on it and i been having some clutch slipping. by far is this my first bike, so going though every thing, cable adjustment and already having some mods done, (heavier springs and lifter plate along with Kitaco cover) i feel its...
  5. Shifting issues

    Grom Talk
    Hello, Yesterday I was riding the bike around everything was fine and then I stopped went in a store and came out and started to ride again but when I got back on bike did not want to shift up. It will still shift up with alot of force and high in the rpms so it was possible to get home. Once I...
  6. Slipper Clutch for Grom?

    Grom Performance
    When I downshift, I usually don't feel the rear wheel tug that much unless I bring to 1st gear. For those of you who have slipper clutches on your grom. Would you say its worth it or just a waste of money?
  7. New Honda GROM parts available

    Koso North America
    Increasing your GROM®'s engine power is one thing but this beast has to be fed with the fuel it needs. Koso’s High-flow injector is the essential part for your modified Honda Grom®! It has a higher fuel flow to meet the increased demand of your upgraded engine. For more information, visit the...
  8. False neutrals/first gear issue

    Grom Talk
    Hi all, I've bought a Msx 125 three months ago, and it's an amazing bike. One thing that is buggering me is that whenever I'm still and I try to engage the first gear (from a second for instance) the gear doesn't insert properly, it doesn't do any typical "Clunk" sound, and the shifter is very...
  9. FS: After Market Clutch & Brake levers (BLACK & GOLD)

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Bought these levers a month ago, but never installed them on. Selling for $30. PM if interested.
  10. Downshifting without using the clutch?

    Grom Talk
    The Grom is my first motorcycle and I find that in a certain RPM range I can downshift without depressing the clutch at all. I have been told that this is bad for the bike, which seems to make sense. Can someone elaborate more?
  11. High Idle Problem

    Grom Talk
    What up ya'll, I have the 2014 Honda grom with 1300m give or take with a hotlap exhaust and new TRS Transformer handle bars. After changing the handle bars, I started to notice that when I have my grom in 1st gear, and I give it a little gas, the rpms will shoot to 3k and will stay there until...
  12. Is anyone getting screech/squeeking on downshift?

    Grom Talk
    hi all, - have been getting this issue a bit more recently, I am going to send my bike back for warrenty work as the bike will not go into neutral on standstill, so the bike has to go back as I cant be having this! 1) but in the last week or two I have noticed on downshifting (3-5k RPM...