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  1. 60% clutch spring engagement point

    Grom Talk
    I installed 60% clutch springs last week. Had a chance to dial it in and test ride around the neighborhood. The clutch lever is now engaging around 1/4 out from the bars compared to the stocks 3/4 out. Just wondering for those who have 60% clutch springs installed where are your engagement...
  2. Did I accidentally adjust my clutch cable while adding bar end mirrors?

    Grom Talk
    I put some MZS Tuning bar end mirrors on my 2019 and when I took it out for a test ride I noticed that my clutch lever doesn’t squeeze in as far as it use to. The overall feel of it is just totally different too. It has a much stiffer and snappier feel to it now where as previously it felt...
  3. High Idle Problem

    Grom Talk
    What up ya'll, I have the 2014 Honda grom with 1300m give or take with a hotlap exhaust and new TRS Transformer handle bars. After changing the handle bars, I started to notice that when I have my grom in 1st gear, and I give it a little gas, the rpms will shoot to 3k and will stay there until...
  4. T2W CNC Adjustable Shorty Levers Black/Black - $30 shipped from the U.S.

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    T2W CNC Adjustable Shorty Levers Black/Black - SOLD ///SOLD/// Hi, I have a set of brand new T2W CNC adjustable levers for sale. I only have one set in black/black. I have not installed these, but they do not seem to suffer from the "position #2" issue that some of the forum members have...