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  1. Dhm break in

    Grom Builds
    I’m new to this but I just got first grom. I already have the chimera intake, tb cam, zoom loop exhaust and the DHM ecu installed. Is it normal for the bike to be boggy at first after installing the dhm while it figures everything out or did I do something wrong. The bike has only 25 miles...
  2. 50-50 Mild Street Build

    Grom Builds
    I've had a Honda CRF50 since about 2007 when pit bikes were still a big thing. Make Pit Bikes Great Again! I set my 50 up for mild street stunt - wheelies and stoppies. You can see my 50 here alongside my 2007 Buell XB12 Scg Lightning. I bought both bikes new and still own them. The Buell...
  3. Hesitation during acceleration

    Grom Talk
    I have a 2015, Twin Bros Exhaust and Chimera intake. I love the throttle response and power from 2 simple upgrades. I live in Utah, somewhat higher elevation. When I accelerate from a stop, while in 1st & 2nd gear, the bike seems to hesitate and does not accelerate very smooth, its like it...
  4. PCV tunes for mnnthbx pipe and chimera

    Grom Talk
    Does anyone know of a good map for mnnthbx exhaust and chimera intake? this puppy is popping like crazy and i need a map in a bad kind of way!
  5. New Member... Looking for PCV tunes!

    Grom Talk
    Hey guys just joined the forum, was wondering if anyone has any power commander tune files with similar mods as mine so I can get my bike running.... Bike currently has chimera intake, yosh full exhaust, and DCR Cam installed. Any help would be appreciated! its tough to find a decently priced...
  6. Chimera Intake For Sale Lightly Used

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Full Chimera intake. excellent condition. everything include. 120.00 I will pay shipping to the 48 states, or deliver around Massachusetts or RI. Thank you for looking.
  7. Questions about MNNTHBX exhaust, Chimera, and Bazzaz power output, and throwing code

    Grom Performance
    MNNTHBX Exhaust, Chimera Intake, Bazzaz ZFi, and 14t sprocket up front. I put the MNNTHBX map provided by them (is it okay for me to provide a copy of that here?). I'm 6'2" 225lb. It feels a little faster on the top end, but not great, and I got about 7mph additional top speed, so I'm topping...
  8. Running a Chimera or pod filter? I have a question about the noise.

    Grom Performance
    I've read plenty of people saying a pod-style air intake is much louder than the stock airbox but I still have some questions. 1. How much louder is it than an aftermarket exhaust? I know some pipes are louder than others and I have no idea what the actual db values may be but let's just...