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  1. Grom Talk
    Video: Is it normal? I checked the chain alignment and slack with the dealer, and it's fine. But after I got back home, I still...
  2. Grom Talk
    Hey Guys, Im a New Rider and recently purchased a 2019 Stretched Grom and realized my chain is really loose and im not sure how to tighten it since it has aftermarket swingarms. Any help is appreciated or Step by Step Instructions lol. Thanks in advance!
  3. Grom Talk
    I purchased the Superlite 14T countershaft sprocket, Superlite 34T rear sprocket and a DID 420 NZ3 chain. The Superlite front sprocket is quite a bit thinner than the stock sprocket. Even with the two sprocket bolts torqued to factory specs the countershaft sprocket has a ton of play as you...
  4. Grom Talk
    Hello Fellow Grommers, I just had to replace my rear wheel yesterday, long story short, taking off and putting back on was no problem. The problem here is when I tighten my rear axle nut, its screws the adjustment up. The plates where the the adjustment nut sits pretty much falls and hangs...
  5. Grom How-To's and Guides
    I just installed a 14t tooth front sprocket, and in the process I decided to adjust the chain slack because I haven't done so yet. After adjusting the chain slack I adjusted the rear wheel with the tick marks on the side of the swing arm. Both sides are pretty much dead on. It looks like common...
1-6 of 6 Results