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  1. Grom Talk
    Can you gentlemen help me out on what color wire would be for the ignition switch? Trying to install the MTX Soundbar. I need to know what wire to spice into for 12v ignition to power unit. Thanks you guys I appreciate it!
  2. Grom Talk
    Does anybody sell 2019 OEM body panels in stock colors (Blue Raspberry, Halloween Orange, etc.)? What is the install process like for switching out panels, front fender, and so on? I'm wondering if it would be relatively easy to change to a different stock color. Thanks in advance for any help...
  3. Grom Builds
    Hi all, Now that 90% of the parts for my first phase have been ordered I thought I'll start by creating my build thread. 2th phase will mainly be engine related upgrade but as it's winter in Belgium I'm waiting for spring so temperature rises a bit :) Been active in the mini 4-stroke world for...
  4. Grom Builds
    09/02/2014 Ok I would like to say Hello to my fellow grommers. Since I was itching to ride and my CBR was still in the shop getting fixed from me laying it down at the dragon tail. ( yes yes i know laugh it up :P) I figured i would just purchase a Grom. Since I wanted one anyway for the longest...
1-4 of 4 Results