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  1. What's up?

    Hey everyone, Just saying what's up? Picked up a 2015 Honda Grom a couple weeks ago, clutched my permit and awaiting for my MSF course. Looking forward to start learning & riding! :blackgrom: GromN
  2. Grom as First Bike?

    Grom Talk
    Hey guys, I hope I'm not duplicating threads here, I checked the search forum function and it didn't look like anyone had asked this before. Do you guys think the Grom is a decent first bike? I've looked over the forums for a few hours and it seems like people are happy with these little...
  3. Hi, from an ultra noob.

    Hi all, I've never ridden anything on two wheels (hence the ultra noob) but i desperately want to. I was thinking about a dual sport or supermoto or something similar but the seat height is too high for me to feel comfortable being a beginning rider and very short. That basically leaves me with...