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  1. Dynojet PV3 Full System w/ Wideband & ECU

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Complete DynoJet Power Vision PV3 setup with wideband. I am moving onto a different setup and no longer need this. This is the complete kit and caboodle with a married 2017-2020 ECU. Very awesome kit if you have basic bolt ons even a few bbks. DynoJet has tons of tunes that you are able to flash...
  2. Grom sputtering and dying

    Grom Performance
    I have a yuminashi 164bbk. Has the high compression piston and valves. Ive been running it on the stock ecu and injector for awhile now (the ones it came with were no good) and it ran pretty good. Plenty of power etc. I know it was running lean because of the bbk so I just bought the pcx150...
  3. Honda Grom 2017- wiring diagram

    Grom Talk
    Hi, Has anyone managed to get hold of a 2017+ wiring diagram for the new Grom? Many thanks
  4. Which BBK kit to choose?

    Grom Performance
    If you had a choice between the Takegawa 181cc Hyper S-Stage with FI CON 2 or Yuminashi 164 ultimate w/ new version standalone ecu which would it be? I ordered a yuminashi but I'm having seconds thoughts. Anyone have any experience w/ the new ecu w/ datalogger? Can you use The WBC2 from hard...