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  1. rear axle thread pitch

    Grom Wheels & Tires
    lost my rear axke nut the other day and was wondering if someone knows what the thread pitch is on the rear axle thanks in advance!
  2. Front End Bent, What do i replace...

    Grom Talk
    So long story short i crashed my grom about 20-25 mph with the front end. I'm okay, no major injuries. Rode my bike home and noticed the front end was severely off. I started taking things apart trying to get to the bottom of it. Noticed a bent Fr Axle and something else is bent, im thinking a...
  3. Spyker Swingarm Rear Axle Length

    Grom Talk
    So I purchased my grom last winter with a very long swingarm and i wanted it back to stock length and decided to get an aftermarket swingarm, why not. I got a spyker swingarm and after stunting on it a few times i bent the rear axle. I've ordered the oem rear axle from steadygarage and thought...
  4. Rear Axle Bolt - Stripped

    Grom Talk
    I haven't done anything except adjust the chain over the last year, tightening to 44 ft lbs. I replaced tonight - a 10 minute job that cost me around $10. Anyone else experienced this? It seems like the lock nut does cut into the threads a bit.