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  1. Dutch Honda MSX 125 - daily commuter

    Hi, I started riding motorcycles since June 2004, reason for this I was getting sick of traffic. At the time I needed to commute between The Hague and Utrecht, which was about 140 km. Started on a Yamaha XJ600s. After that I owned a Honda VFR800, BMW R1150GS and Honda CB1000RA. For my old job...
  2. Akrapovic Exhaust Stage 1 Kit

    Dobeck Performance
    Akrapovic Exhaust Stage 1 Kit w/ EJK Gen 3.5 or AFR+ Gen 4 Fuel Solution Click the link below to check out the Akrapovic for the Honda Grom: Akrapovic Carbon Slip-On Akrapovic Titanium Slip-On Carbon Exhaust w/AFR+ Stage 1 Kit pricing: $730 Carbon Exhaust w/EJK Stage 1 Kit pricing: $600...