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  1. Grom ABS, necessary or nice to have?

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    Hello, first post here after browsing for a few months. I'm thinking of getting a grom this summer, probably a 2018 model. This will be my first bike, I just want something to have some fun on when i have work off and maybe take to work for the good mileage (i would just be doing city riding so...
  2. Grom ABS Issue

    Grom Talk
    Hey guys- So I have a 2018 Grom w/ ABS (it was the only one left as I rather not have ABS). I just changed sprockets from the factory 15/34 to a 14/36 set up and I love it. The only issue is now after riding for 10 minutes or so the ABS light comes on and continuously flashes at me. I have...