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  1. IXIL exhaust failed on me

    Grom Talk
  2. IXIL exhaust failed on me

    Grom Talk
    funny you mention this. I was thinking about this today as I rode to the gym.
  3. IXIL exhaust failed on me

    Grom Talk
    it is the single low mount. Steady Garage reached out to me today and asked for additional photos. I have repaired it but I don't trust it wont happen again.
  4. IXIL exhaust failed on me

    Grom Talk
    I'm not expecting Steady Garage to replace it on their dime but maybe help me with the warranty process or something. If it fails again Ill try something else as a repair or just straight up replace it. Just blew my mind that an exhaust would just come apart like that.
  5. IXIL exhaust failed on me

    Grom Talk
    I have one on my phone and instagram. It literally tore right at the weld where the header meets the muffler
  6. IXIL exhaust failed on me

    Grom Talk
    mine is just factory cc with kitaco cover and bolt ons. We re-welded the header and muffler. decreased the bend in the pipe bender and mounted the muffler first then swung the header into place. Just a poor design really, I havnt heard from IXIL yet and doubt they will be of much help which is...
  7. IXIL exhaust failed on me

    Grom Talk
    So, I was up in some local mountains yesterday riding with some friends. As Im flogging this little thing for everything its got through the twisties my bike suddenly gets a lot louder. Luckily we use the Sena systems so I was able to tell them and pulled over. I thought maybe exhaust gasket...
  8. Slow Typing

    Site Help and Support
    happened to me as well. Dumped IE and went with Chrome and havnt had any issues since
  9. 2016 Smoky Mountain Crawl

    Grom Events
    That is going to be an awesome and equally a terrible ride. The midwest blooooows
  10. Cash ready! Grom wanted

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    that makes sense. Just be prepared for people to question it. Having only 3 post and jumping in willing to throw cash around and such makes people uneasy and what not.
  11. Cash ready! Grom wanted

    Grom For Sale / Wanted
    this feels scammy as crap bc of the whole "don't worry about shipping" thing. Very craigslisty
  12. Hard Racing review

    Vendor Reviews / Links
    mishaps happen. They are crazy busy and provide stellar customer service and shipping. Best prices around. Ill continue to order from them.
  13. any metal music fans in here?

    Boom, just bought tickets for 2 shows. Architects play a small a venue in July and I got tix for Hatebreed and Devil you know
  14. 2016 Smoky Mountain Crawl

    Grom Events
    So. Much. Merch. I hope I win some parts. If not, I'm cool with spending my weekend with some stellar people.
  15. New rider loosing control!!!

    Grom Talk
    levers will def help and can be had pretty cheap. I'm rocking a set of $40 amazon levers. Little adjusting to the cable and Im good to go
  16. any metal music fans in here?

    I love the band names a lot of those death metal and gore bands come up with. They are hilariously awesome. I saw ETID on their "no barricades no bullshit " tour. Keith pretty much just got down in the middle of the pit the whole show doing his thing. It was like watching your buddies band throw...
  17. any metal music fans in here?

    Killswitch was very melodic with Howard Jones at the front. Their original lead Jessie Leach is back now and they have that heavy feel again. Still singy tho. I like the gutteral side of Parkway Drive tho. I just saw For Today, Ghost Inside, War of ages, and Memphis May Fire. They thrashed...
  18. any metal music fans in here?

    I am a metal head. I love Killswitch Engage and have seen them probably 15 times over the past 12 years or so. Also a big Parkway Drive fan. Those Aussie guys are nuts and put on probably the best metal show I have ever been to outside of Metallica (I don't count Metallica as metal in the sense...
  19. New to the grom world

    You sir are the proud owner of a stolen Honda Grom. The precinct cant tell you if its stolen because there is not a VIN to check. Maybe there is a hidden VIN somewhere else on the bike? Either way get the law involved and prob a lawyer. As it sits right now you have the bike so its now your problem.
  20. Helmet opinion

    Grom Gear and Accessories
    I like number 1. Then again I wear a solid black Bell RS-1. Before that I had the striped Bell RSD-1 (Rolland Sands special edition). It was a bad ass helmet but I trashed it in a wreck on my Street Triple. Now, just simple black because I will never tire of a single color. Graphics get old...
1-20 of 184 Results