Was gonna post this in the Why Did You Buy a Monkey thread, but itís probably more appropriate here.

I havenít bought one ... yet. Iím a seasoned vet, been riding for over 30 years until this summer. Sold a Ď14 Valkyrie in April this year because it spent most of 3 seasons sitting in the garage ó I just have had no interest in riding the past few years, and it was stupid to keep paying on the note and insurance for something that wasnít getting used. I was afraid Iíd miss it, but I havenít. Iím no spring chicken any more, and as nice of a machine as it is, and as much of a blast as it was to ride, that was way more bike than I ever needed. Before that I had a CTX1300, which I crashed twice, first time Iíd wrecked in all the years Iíd been riding. The last crash totaled it (luckily I was fine), but buying the Valk was really to answer the question of whether I wanted to keep riding or not. 3400 miles in three seasons of ownership answered that with a definitive Ďmost likely notí. Itís now been three months of probably the best riding weather of the year, and I have not regretted selling at all.

Now Iím looking at the Monkey and wondering if a miniaturized version of the itch is starting to come back. As a kid Iíd always wanted a mini bike but never had the chance to get one, or a place to ride it if I did. Loved the old mini trail 50ís back in the day, still love driving go karts any chance I get (which isnít many), and like some other members here, Iíve always had a thing for smaller motorized machines ó just never had a chance to act on it. Until now.

Not sure what what the wife would say. She never had a problem with big bikes, and for awhile she used to like going out for rides. Sheíll probably think Iím nuts, and sheís probably not wrong. But weíre talking now about scratching a very, very old itch. Everybody whoís got them says theyíre fun as hell, and that to me is the whole point. The big street bikes kinda lost their fun for me, so Iím seriously debating if whipping out the credit card for a Monkey would be worth my while. Nothing else has gotten me remotely interested in strapping on the skid lid again.

The most telling sign that Iím itching? I registered on this forum!!