Synthetic Oil During Break In
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Synthetic Oil During Break In

This is a discussion on Synthetic Oil During Break In within the Grom Talk forums, part of the Honda Grom Forums category; Hi all, My name is Patrick and I am brand new to this forum. I recently got a grom a few months back after my ...

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Thread: Synthetic Oil During Break In

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    Synthetic Oil During Break In

    Hi all, My name is Patrick and I am brand new to this forum. I recently got a grom a few months back after my 18th birthday, and about a month ago I rebuilt it with a new cylinder, finbro flat top piston, finbro oversized head and takegawa cam. Now please dont crucify me if this topic has already been asked, I did do a breif search and couldnt find much but I have around 500 miles on my motor since the rebuild and all has gone well except for the fact that I just realized I have ran full synthetic honda 10w-30 in it. I know they typically say dino oil for the first 1000 miles then synthetic after. Have I screwed myself now ? Should I just continue and use synthetic or change to dino for a while ? Should I sell my grom and never touch a motorcycle again ?

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    803 did not hurt the engine.

    Since you already have 500 miles on a new (or rebuilt) engine, I would suggest doing an oil-change now. I say this not because the synthetic is *bad* for the break-in, but simply because it is common to liberate a few tiny metal fragments during the break-in, and it is prudent to do frequent oil changes during break-in because of this. You can run dino oil for the next 500 miles or so, then switch over to synthetic if you wish.

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    You blew it man. You should just get rid of your motorcycle. Since you seem like a nice guy, I'll do you a favor and take it off your hands. No need to thank me.

    In all seriousness Paul is right and follow what he says. I just wanted to be a smart ass. I'm sure you'll enjoy your bike for many more miles to come.
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    It just takes longer to break in a new/rebuilt motor on synthetic.

    Good advice above...
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    Just ride it like you stole it and remember to clean out the screen on the bottom of your crank case, this screen captures all the junk that comes of the engine moving parts.

    Ride safe

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