Bulletproofing a super 186
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Bulletproofing a super 186

This is a discussion on Bulletproofing a super 186 within the Grom Builds forums, part of the Honda Grom Forums category; Looking to make my ported 186 virtually bullet proof. I've done a lot of reading and have an idea on most parts, but still curious ...

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Thread: Bulletproofing a super 186

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    Bulletproofing a super 186

    Looking to make my ported 186 virtually bullet proof.
    I've done a lot of reading and have an idea on most parts, but still curious what your opinions are. Open to any and all suggestions. No need to be a D!(◊H34D. Thanks folks.

    I have:
    DHM 186 kit w/flashed ecu
    Custom intake
    Hindle exhaust
    TB cam
    Clutch springs 60% w/ chimera plate
    Crankcase breather
    Takegawa high flow oil pump

    I have to install:
    Ported head
    Koso dash
    Hoedar with LC2 wideband

    I need:
    AFR gauge compatible with the LC2
    cam chain tensioner
    4th bearing
    5 speed transmission?
    forged crank and rod
    Head temp sensor (read that koso gauge is generally off)
    OTB cam cover vs gromfathers vented cover?
    Koso 34mm intake/manifold
    I'll be making another custom intake

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    If you still have the 2 valve head, Yuminashi chain and tensioner. If 4 valve, Takegawa or Kitaco both make HD cam chains.

    I found out about a week after ordering mine that it doesn't work for a 4 valve... doh.

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    I don't see oil cooler on that list, I run Kitaco 5 row, high mount

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    A Taki catch can is the bees knees.

    I found with the BBK and the torque that comes with it, there is no need for a 5 speed. I am running a 17 Toother up front.

    Get a good seat so your hemmies are comfy. (Seat Concepts).

    If you want an accurate gauge, Opmid V2.
    2018 Grom
    Koso 170 4V/34mm TB/Koso injector/ DIY intake/ aRacer Mini5 + AF1 + DG1
    Koso pump & chain tensioner/ Stock clutch ring / 60% stiffer springs
    Takegawa Crank Support Bearing / Takegawa Catch Can / Kitaco Clutch cover
    Clear cam sprocket cover/ Egay oil Cooler
    Ohlins F&R / Hindle exhaust w DB killer / Galfer brake line w EBC HH Pads
    Pro Taper grips, G2 throttle tube / Gromfatherz axle spacers
    Kepspeed alum. swingarm / Bar end mirror, RAM mount, USB Port
    Seat Concepts / Opmid V2

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    Iíve got the oil cooler that came with the kit. Iíve ordered a take cam tensioner. Itís a 2 valve head intake ported for the koso 34. So far no oil puking.. but before itís finished I will probably make something custom to catch any oil. Thanks for the heads up on 5 speed, Iíve got sprockets for days, will be experimenting with them. A good seat is a good idea. Thanks so far

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    I'd recommend Gromfatherz HD studs if you're interested in as bullet proof of a motor as possible.

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    Best thing to keep you from blowing up your motor is a cylinder head temp gauge (not talking about oil temp) and keeping it under 375F. You can also add to your list, Grom Fatherz manual cam chain tensioner, and a magnetic oil drain plug. If you want the most out of that TB cam, you should also get dual valve springs and maybe titanium retainers so you can rev past 10K.
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    It seems like there is always one more thing to buy, THEN Iíll really notice a difference in performance.

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