Got the Mnnthbx intake installed a month or two ago. Like everything else itís a great piece of kit. Fits perfect.

Easy install. And looks great.
You can definitely hear it riding down the road.

Also just got a reflashed ECU from CJR racing to get everything back in line and take full advantage of the exhaust and intake. Significant and noticeable difference between stock ecu and reflashed ecu... night and day difference.

I did have to do the ecu reset procedure to get the check engine light to turn off.

*FYI the wiring connector/harness that you need to short the pins on is located behind the side compartment (where the tool kit is). Remove the side panel and itís located on a small metal bracket.
This is a different location from the Grom. Took me a few minutes to locate when I couldnít find it under the seat.