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Fuel pump is screaming at me!!!

Thread: Fuel pump is screaming at me!!!

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  1. mistahken said:

    Fuel pump is screaming at me!!!

    2018 non abs grom fuel pump issues?

    So i have tried to find a answer about my screaming fuel pump and cannot. Every time i ride for at least 30 mins above 50 mph the pump screams. it does not effect the bike AT ALL minus the noise and it does not sound good. I have rain it very low and shined a light to see anything which i did not tank looks clean. is there a part number for a OEM pump? im worried its going to shit the bed when im way to far from home one day.

    my set up includes the following
    Kitaco Cover
    TB cam
    DHM flash
    Zoop loop exhaust
    Dinger short ram intake
    Straight up pump installed

  2. WV_Grom's Avatar

    WV_Grom said:
    I have not heard of any fuel pumps going bad...
    2018 Grom
    Koso 170 4V/34mm TB/Koso injector/ DIY intake/ aRacer Mini5 + AF1 + DG1
    Koso pump & chain tensioner/ Stock clutch ring / 60% stiffer springs
    Takegawa Crank Support Bearing / Takegawa Catch Can / Kitaco Clutch cover
    Clear cam sprocket cover/ Egay oil Cooler
    Ohlins F&R / Hindle exhaust w DB killer / Galfer brake line w EBC HH Pads
    Pro Taper grips, G2 throttle tube / Gromfatherz axle spacers
    Kepspeed alum. swingarm / Bar end mirror, RAM mount, USB Port
    Seat Concepts / Opmid V2

  3. mistahken said:
    i have not either. but im 100% sure that is the noise
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  5. CiscoSanJose said:
    If it is still under warranty you can take into a Honda dealer to have them check it out.

    Usually anything above 50mph noise wise I usually think is the chain, maybe clean and lube your chain. I clean mind and lube it every Friday or on the week end.

    Any other noise could be the F/I duty cycle going bonkers, also check and make sure all your nuts and bolts for the throttle body mount and inlet tube is tighten down to spec and also no leaks on your airbox and rubber connection to the throttle body.

    good luck
  6. mistahken said:
    i just replaced the chain because i thought that was the noise. but i have fully check this entire bike over. im not to sure
  7. CiscoSanJose said:
    Quote Originally Posted by mistahken View Post
    i just replaced the chain because i thought that was the noise. but i have fully check this entire bike over. im not to sure
    It could also be noise from the disk brake pads or disc if the disc is warp or such the only other noise I can think off is the cam chain noise if the chain hits the top of the cylinder wall as it travels thru the tunnel area. I fixed my cam chain noise problem by installing a Koso cam chain kit and also installing GromFatherZ adjustable tube replacing the stock tube with spring that pushing on the Koso arm.

    At high RPM the cam chain balloons out and the stock tensioner "spring and tube unit" can't handle it and the chain starts to hit the upper wall of the cylinder tunnel.

    good luck
  8. asume said:
    Can you post of video of the noise?
  9. mistahken said:
    i have tried to get a video of it but the wind noise blocks it out. im going to try and mount a mic from my gopro to see if it picks it up

    only problem is i. i rode it for about 100 miles yesterday and it only started to do it at the end of my ride.