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H4 80 Watt LED from Singapore/China ebay ...
installed & tested...results:
ABYSMAL FAILURE... flickered a few seconds, got bright, and burned out... all in under a minute.

Through the NEW unscratched, un-weathered headlamp lens on my new 2014 USA version Grom, I can read the bulb markings:

PHILLIPS HS1 12V 35/35w HP 12636 GERMANY.

I have no doubt that this is the common bulb for USA VERSION GROM MSX 125 ...

Substitution of a 55/60w H4 should improve it greatly...

PIAA makes motorcycle grade HS1 'plasma' bulbs...
maybe I will try those next.
LED bulbs need DC current but Grom alternator puts out AC for the headlight.
Hard Racing has LED kits with rectifier for Grom.
Other solutions also available, as the Gojin replacement rectifier with DC output for headlight.